A month or more ago I was playing Roblox Arsenal, and I play it a lot because it’s pretty fun, and pretty popular.  For those who don’t know Roblox is a platform to play games that users make.  I gave a player a taste of their own medicine, what he was doing to other players upset me.  He would taunt them after killing them.  Taunting is bad because it’s rude to other players. 

How it all started was when I logged in to Arsenal which is a Roblox 1st person shooter game.  I was having some fun.  I was in the map “Glacier” which has two easter eggs which mean secrets in the map which they are one of the skins which it was “Brute” stuck in ice, and the other one was a “tix” (which is a reference to old Roblox where you would have tix for the currency in the game.) bag inside the glaciers where you can go inside it and see “the message of the day”.  

Then there was someone who joined and he began taunting other players. When I noticed him I got mad he was being rude to other players.  It bothered me because I wanted everyone to be nice to each other.  

So, I wanted to taunt him back for his rudeness.  So, I decided to taunt him back. So it went back and forth of us taunting each other.  It was weird taunting on someone because I never taunt on people.  When I killed him I would taunt on him and he said he didn’t really care, but then he left the server.

So, let this be a lesson to never taunt on people because it is pretty rude.  Consider this toxic guy and how he reacted to me taunting on him back.  So, taunting on people will have them react and could get them mad or sad, even the toxic players.



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