Welcome to the basics of Taoism. Taoism is an Eastern religion. It is located in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnamese civilizations. Some people think Taoism is a philosophy and not a religion. The difference of a philosophy and a religion is that religion is based on faith on philosophy is based on reason.

Taoism was founded by: Lao Tsu (he may not even have been real) people think he wrote the book Tao te Ching, which is the source of their beliefs.

The “Tao” in Taoism means “The Way.” They believe that the Tao is the source of all living things. The Wu wei means “action without action.” The goal of Taoism is complex, but is about living in peace and harmony. Taoism changed China by searching for things like the elixir of life (also known as the elixir of immortality) which would allow them to make gunpowder , Chinese medicine, magnetic compass, fing shui and art fixtures to buildings.

In conclusion Taoism has influenced Korea, Japan, and Vietnamese civilizations. It is a philosophy that has motivated people to create things.



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