This section will have my school schedule and any notes or writing assignments I’m given. We moved my work here, from my previous site, so it’s all updated in one place.

School Schedule

My Writing

School and learning related items go here.  Here is where I put my class notes, and any writing assignments that I’m given.  

When I was taking a science class for the periodic tables this […]
Covert means hidden Overt means out in the open. Amalgam means a […]
Welcome to the basics of Taoism. Taoism is an Eastern religion. It […]
The Native Americans traveled in the ice age for food, coming from […]
When I watched this, I learned these things: They believe in spiritsThey […]
Galileo Galilei- a Famous scientist from long ago, lived from 1564-1642.  He […]
I like to watch puss in boots. I’ve seen every season for […]
Operations: operations are addition, subbtraction, multiplication, and division Order of operations: The […]

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