When I was taking a science class for the periodic tables this morning, there was something different about the science class I was taking and the periodic table my dad gave me.

My dad gave me a printout of the periodic tables and I noticed a difference in the printout that an element had a different name than on the class.

The one on the class for element 118 was called oganessian (Og), named after a scientist, and the one in the printout was called Uuo (ununoctium.)

I asked my dad why these were different, and he didn’t know. We went online and discovered that Uuo was the old placeholder for when people predicted a new element but hadn’t discovered it yet.

It was discovered in 2016 and was named it after the scientist Yuri Oganessian. The reason the printout had the old is because it was made in 2012.

This started with my curiosity about what looked like a mistake but turned out to be because it was before a discovery of a new element.



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