A month or more ago I was playing Roblox Arsenal, and I play it a lot because it’s […]
When I was taking a science class for the periodic tables this morning, there was something different about […]
Covert means hidden Overt means out in the open. Amalgam means a mixture or a blend.
Welcome to the basics of Taoism. Taoism is an Eastern religion. It is located in China, Korea, Japan, […]
The Native Americans traveled in the ice age for food, coming from Siberia and going to Mexico. Later […]
When I watched this, I learned these things: They believe in spirits They believe the spirits control inanimate […]
Galileo Galilei- a Famous scientist from long ago, lived from 1564-1642.  He found a famous discovery he also […]
I like to watch puss in boots. I’ve seen every season for it, which there are six seasons […]
Operations: operations are addition, subbtraction, multiplication, and division Order of operations: The order that which we solve a […]