Decaf coffee has been around for a long time, it was made in 1903, over 100 years ago, when it was first commercially made by Ludwig Roselius. There are many companies and people that use and/or make decaf coffee.  Normal coffee was made a long time ago, it was first made in the 15th century.  Normal coffee beans are actually seeds from a plant that produces cherries.  Decaf coffee and normal coffee are used sometimes for diets.  Coffee can be decaffeinated two different ways (naturally or artificially) and though it is good for diets, decaffeinated coffee has some health concerns that include vomiting, confusion, headaches, and more.

Coffee was originally decaffeinated naturally by being dipped in seawater, it is also decaffeinated naturally now with Ethyl acetate, which is a natural ingredient found in ripening fruit and alcohol.  It is decaffeinated by having the Ethyl acetate move around the coffee beans and it will remove the caffeine.  It is also decaffeinated naturally by dipping the coffee beans in water or seawater, this is called the “Swiss water decaffeination.”  People get the coffee beans when they’re green from the coffee plants then decaffeinate, to make sure it’s decaf the coffee beans will have a different color which is darker than regular coffee.

It is decaffeinated artificially with chemicals, such as, methylene chloride, which is safe in coffee decaffeination, but normally isn’t safe, but it will dissolve the caffeine out of the coffee beans.  It is decaffeinated by having the coffee beans in hot water, then the chemical is added to connect with the caffeine, and take it out of the coffee beans which are now decaffeinated.

Decaf coffee is good for diets but large amounts can give some side effects such as vomiting, confusion, headaches, and more.  Items coffee is decaffeinated with can be dangerous for us, like ethyl acetate, or methylene chloride, ethyl acetate is dangerous, it will irritate the skin and/or eyes, and is toxic when inhaling or eating it, it can damage your organs, it’s also highly flammable. and methylene chloride can harm the eyes, skin, and liver, exposure with it can give, drowsiness, dizziness, numbness and tingling limbs, though the two ingredients are safe when they’re used with coffee beans, if you do come in close contact with the ingredients it could be dangerous.

Coffee is decaffeinated many ways, I would recommend decaffeinating it the “Swiss water” way.  Instead of using things that could be harmful such as, methylene chloride, and ethyl acetate, and ethyl acetate is flammable so that’s even more dangerous, if you use one of those two items you should wear a face mask, goggles, protective gear, and you should handle with care.



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